Apache only on subdomain


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Feb 3, 2020
I have nginx_apache set as my webserver and it works great for my domains.

However I have a script installed on a subdomain which is not compatible with nginx.

How would I got about disabling nginx on that subdomain so it is apache only?

Apache is working as a backend with nginx as a frontend, it means you can not connect to Apache using a default setup. Should you have a separate IP for for your subdomain, you might customize Apache to listen to 80, 443 ports on that IP. But don't add the IP into DirectAdmin as an usual way, you will need go to Admin Panel -> Admin Settings -> Customize Httpd Configurations.

- https://docs.directadmin.com/webser...ing-custom-httpd-conf-code-to-the-virtualhost

Something like this. This is just a raw idea, I don't have detailed instructions and did not test it yet.