CentOS 4.4/DA 1.27.5/Pop Problems.....


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Apr 14, 2004
Brick, NJ
Hi all... I'm hoping someone here can help me...

I had some hardware troubles with a box a few months back and never fully recovered from it, so just yesterday, I backedup all my users, wiped the drive, installed CentOS 4.4 and then DirectAdmin. Once I got my license changed (went back to 32bit instead of 64bit) everything seemed to be working fine. I transfered all my user backups and restored them, and everything went off without a hitch... However, I'm nowing running into a prpoblem with atleast one of my users...

This customer, recives alot of email and relies on email for thier business, and whilst email is coming in just fine (I can see it when I cat their mailfile) the pop server aparen'tly doesn't see it or is atleast reporting "no new email", but when I check via squirrelmail (which uses Imap I belive....

My server is an AMD Athlon 64, with 2GB ram, running CentOS 4.4 with a 2.6.9-42.EL (i386) Kernel and it's a NEW fresh install... Any Ideas?

-Robert E Plummer
President, PP&F NetWorks, LLC