Continuation of "Greying & downgrading...."


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Mar 16, 2013
Ok, since no one in the USA has responded with an actual reseller package that is shown on a website, would someone be kind enough to respond with a link to their website that simply shows normal client packages? Example, we used to offer Bronze, Silver, Gold packages with different space limitations (100Mb, 250Mb, 500MB) and corresponding email accounts etc.

I'd be happy just to be able to move my clients to YOUR services. Not looking to be an affiliate. Just looking for a quality DA host that has hosting packages set at specific space sizes (as mentioned). I've looked online and have only found a few USA-based DA hosting companies that talk only of "unlimited" space (which we all know is BS) and I will not do business with those types.

Look, I'm going to be stranding a lot of very good hosting clients unless I find the right DA hosting for them, and need your assistance.

PM's only.