Debian 6 64-bit DirectAdmin source box rebuild

DirectAdmin Support

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Feb 27, 2003
Hey guys,

Just a heads up that the drive on our old stand-alone "Debian 6, 64-bit" box finally gave up (no important data on it, just OS install, links to NFS source files).
I was able to re-install it using the packages from the iso/DVD onto our VM-Ware monster, but the apt-get mirror list have long since gone away. I tried the LTS version too, but no dice.

This heads up is mainly just to let you know that the Debian 6, 64-bit binaries are compiled against older libraries because the newer ones are not available.
This shouldn't really make any difference because they are dynamic binaries, and they'll use whatever you currently have anyway, so as long as you've done regular apt-get updates, you'll be as updated as you can be.

Regardless, if you're using Debian 6, you should already be thinking about upgrading to a newer OS, because even the LTS won't get updates anymore:

We'll continue (to the best of our abilities) provide the updated DA binaries (update.tar.gz) as new DA versions come out, up until the OS's listed EOL date here:

For now, the usual "daupdate" install packs still use the old binaries (against newer libraries) for DA 1.50.0.
I've uploaded the new binaries (against old libraries) to the pre-release section, for the usual fixes/testing, etc.

If you're feeling adventurous, feel free to test them out via the pre-release section, so we can confirm they'll work with the next DA update.

... buuuut... you shouldn't need them, because you'll be upgrading to a newer version of Debian, right? Right. :)