DirectAdmin for "spoiled" WHM admins


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Jul 3, 2019
Well, this is a bit embarrassing but I'll give it a try.

When dealing with the same software since 2003 (or 04 I am not sure) and some features are just hard-wired in your brain, it's difficult to find a new solution. It's like trying to quit smoking or something.

So I made a list to ask a few questions from the "Admin" side of the panel. I tried "FAQ for DirectAdmin new customers" and it solved me a few questions but anyway, sorry I got a few more :p

a) Mail related things. Which are critical. Not to blacklist us etc:

1) Max failures / Defer percentage. Is there anywhere in panel ? Or a way to implement it ? Useful when we got spam. Not all users/domains are saints. There are old installs usually infected with backdoors / phishing sites / spam apps.

2) Alerts on weird Outbound connections (probably spam, huge mail queues) like OSM from configserver or built in ?

3) I use this for spoofing / outgoing spam protection. Can I do the same in exim ?
And when I say can I do the same what I mean. Can we generally edit the confs ? Or like cPanel they will be overwritten?****

4) Automatically SPF / DKIM generation: Is there a list? Let's say I migrate 100 accounts, how I can see if all 100 have SPF and/or DKIM enabled and enable them one by one or bulk ?

5) Automatically SNI mail.domain. Solved thanks to FAQ.

6) Functions in panel for: Mail Delivery Reports, Mail statistics, Relayers, View Sent Summary. Are in there or script / plugin alternative ?

7) Alternative to /etc/mailips - I think FAQ and solved this too. * Or else: How can I transfer all domains in different IP if I get blacklisted. *

b. Apache Stuff:

1) Can I touch anything ? Or there are configs that are overwritten like cPanel and I need to pay attention in which files ?

2) Is there a place to define Options: TLS/Ciphersuite/Signature/Directory options/Spare Max-Min Servers/Server Limit/ Max workers/ KeepAlive/ Timeouts or I edit manually? If manually, there are specific files that I can touch ?
*(2.b: Same goes for exim, dovecot, ftpd. What I can touch and where? Are there specific included confs for max connections / ciphers / tweaking / changing limits?) Anything gets overwritten ? Are there somewhere in panel or by hand/terminal only ?

3) Equivalent / Similar or Alternative to these menus: Apache status / Daily Process Log / Task queue / PHP Options - custom php files (like PHP Manager) or by hand ? And if by hand, where are the files? Can we put custom php.inis inside every user ?

c. Other Stuff:

1)Bulk and/or one by one domain TTL change? I thought I saw parameters for SOA, NS, etc but no the TTL. Also, can we bulk change it in case of transfers for example ? Or with scripts if no in panel ?

2) phpMyAdmin for root/admin user. Possible not to ask password?

3) Script/Page like AutoSSL layout? Or else "How to quickly check if everyone's certs are ok and if not, enable them, or check why".

d. Client side:

I think I loved it. Icons grid/hybrid is a love with first sight. But still 2 questions:
1) Direct Login to phpMyAdmin for customers with no password ?
2) Direct Login to Mail Accounts too? Or a walkthrough how to do it at least at admin level when we troubleshooting issues.
3) Mail account password change. I think solved here: using /CMD_CHANGE_EMAIL_PASSWORD

Sorry if some (or all) of the questions are sound silly but it's completely new to me. I don't even know for example which configs I can touch and which are managed by DA.


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Jul 22, 2017
I am new to but I will start with... Happy reading ahead..:cool:

maybe some of these are helpful maybe not.
1)Rspamd is great

2)CSF/W2W does not support OSM yet on DA see my cxs guide here
csf already works.

3)overwritten maybe... start here

4)it was automatic for me. start here . then just browse...

1)start here

2)yes you can touch... just make custom files. Mostly by hand in either frontent or backend it all depends on what you want.

3)they are everywhere

1) global method


3)not sure


1 and 2 No . request here .

3) oh good you found one.... LOL

Just keep reading and searching..

PS welcome to the fray... I mean the forum..
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Jul 3, 2019
I am new to but I will start with... Happy reading ahead..:cool:

3) oh good you found one.... LOL

PS welcome to the fray... I mean the forum..
that's unfair! I found more! I just didn't post them! :D

Thank you!