DirectAdmin v1.63.4 has been released


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Aug 30, 2021
Hi everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season 🎄 and we are happy to announce the DirectAdmin 1.63.4.

We really wanted to release some new features in 1.63.4 (WordPress manager and PHP composer manager) but they still need some changes in the API so we are postponing them for 1.63.5 :). Anyone eager to try them out can check out the alpha release channel. So once again we have a smaller release mostly improving scripts for the new DA installations and improvements in how we will handle EOL distros.

Release Change log can can be found here:

DirectAdmin 1.63.4

The update should be automatically available for all installations subscribed to the current release channel.

We appreciate all the feedback on forums and issues reported in the ticketing system.

Thanks for the update. When upgrading from version 1.63.3 to 1.63.4, Evolution Skin's default layout was changed from "standard" to "refreshed" on dozens of servers we manage, which is very annoying. This is the second time this has happened after an update.
New file manager in dark mode device is a mess. file name color need more contras.


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Hi everyone, File Manager dark mode is fixed in the 1.63.5 release. It is still in beta but we expect to push it to current soon.

Change-log -
Announcement -

The dark mode was actually fixed almost immediately after the 1.63.4 but was sitting in alpha channel waiting for next release. We are slowly moving to a more rapid release cycle. And the new auto-update system shipped with 1.63.5 will help us with that.

Thank you for your patience ;).
Hello @DirectAdmin Support / @fln .

Another possible bug - In the vacation message area, when selecting a future date in "start or end of vacation", the date filled in the form field is one day before the selected date (the bug only does not occur when selecting exactly one day after the day already selected). And the default date selected is also a day earlier instead of the current date.

Example: Today is the 20th. When loading the page, the fields are filled with the 19th. When selecting the 25th in the calendar, the field is filled with the 24th.
Two other BUGs (CustomBuild plugin):

1) At the admin level, the window that opens when performing an update only displays the "Cancel" button, even after the update is complete. The correct thing would be to display the "Close" button display after the update is finished.

2) The "UPDATE" button, with the "CustomBuild" and "CustomBuild Script & Versions (only)" submenu, is not displayed in the Evolution theme's "Refreshed" skin.