Does your hosting company / business need a service for payment links ?


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Aug 17, 2013
This year we created a service called the reason was because i couldn't find a good SaaS platform to connect Stripe and create payment links, also PayRequest have features like daily mail reminders and custom options.

I love to have some feedback from other startups or small business owners, thank you already.
Now i have some question for other startups or small business owners:
  • Do you any other PSP then Stripe ?
  • What platforms do you use ? (eg:, Magento, Weebly, etc)
  • Would you use our service to get open invoices paid ?
I hope we can recieve some feedback, also some criticism is more then welcome :


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Jul 22, 2017
Not really. Most billing software for hosting has this built in. You might go check non web hosting forums.

Stripe offers integration for most of the big names software already as well.
Entire list of ones here...

Plus Quickbooks, Zero and even invoice ninja already have this.

Shopify, prestashop, volution, all are Pre pay for goods applications. So the consumer already paid in the cart no link needed.

Not sure Maybe I missed what is missing. Maybe it's a country thing. Where I am we dont have issues collecting.