Dovecot v1.2.8 released (security update)


Verified User
Jan 18, 2004

This is mainly to fix the 0777 base_dir creation issue, which could be
considered a security hole, exploitable by local users. An attacker
could for example replace Dovecot's auth socket and log in as other
users. Gaining root privileges isn't possible though.

This affects only v1.2 users, v1.1 and older versions were creating the
directory with 0755 permission.

If your Dovecot's base_dir isn't in /var/run/dovecot/, you should also
make sure that the $prefix/var/ and $prefix/var/run/
(i.e. /usr/local/var/, /usr/local/var/run/ by default) aren't 0777.

* Dovecot v1.2.x had been creating base_dir (and its parents if
necessary) with 0777 permissions. The base_dir's permissions get
changed to 0755 automatically at startup, but you may need to
chmod the parent directories manually.

- acl: If user has rights from more than one group, merge them instead
of choosing one group's rights and ignoring others.
- virtual: When using a lot of mailboxes, the virtual mailbox's header
could have grown over 32 kB and caused "out of memory" crashes. Also
over 64 kB headers couldn't even be updated with existing transaction
log records. Added a new record type that gets used with >=64 kB
headers. Older Dovecot versions don't understand this header and
will log errors if they see it.
- FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE didn't return RFC 2231 "key*" fields correctly