Easy Spam Fighter 1.14

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Feb 27, 2003

I've released ESF 1.14 for testing, it's not yet in the CustomBuild versions.txt.

The change introduces a new varilable:
  1. if the SPF hits a hard fail (spf=fail) and EASY_SPF_FAIL>=EASY_HIGH_SCORE_DROP, then the message is dropped, as before.
  2. if the SPF hits a hard fail (spf=fail) and EASY_SPF_FAIL < EASY_HIGH_SCORE_DROP, then EASY_SPF_FAIL value is added to the total score.

Important change!
If anyone was using
introduced in the 1.9 release to disable the hard fail (spf=fail) drop, this will no longer work, as it didn't logically make sense anyway, so I've removed it.

If you do not want a hard fail (spf=fail) to drop the message, then you must now set EASY_SPF_FAIL to a value lower than EASY_HIGH_SCORE_DROP(100), so anything 99 or lower will not drop the message based on this single item.
It would simply add the value to the total score for assessment later on.

Of course, if the final spam score is higher than EASY_HIGH_SCORE_DROP (default is 100), then if the User has "drop spam" set as their behavior, it will still be dropped, but if they have some else, like "send to inbox" or "send to spambox", then it will simply end up there, without being dropped.

So if you do not want to automatically drop email that has a full spf fail (spf=fail), then set the override like this (lets say a score of 60 would work for full fail):
cd /etc/exim.easy_spam_fighter
echo "EASY_SPF_FAIL == 60" >> variables.conf.custom
Note, the double equals == is correct, and required to override the previous value set.


As mentioned, this is not yet in the versions.txt, so if you'd like it now to test:
cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
echo "easy_spam_figther:1.14:" >> custom_versions.txt
./build exim_conf
once it's fully released (it will be in the versions.txt), then just delete the custom_versions.txt.