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Oct 22, 2003
Does anybody else have problems with the fact that the FileManager is quite slow on FreeBSD 6.x? On Debian it's superfast.. but on FreeBSD it usually takes a few seconds to load.
Do you think it could be network related? i.e. is the debian server located closer to you geographically? Could it also be CPU speed/RAM related? If not then ive no idea tbh, ive never had such problems though.
Anybody have any further ideas on this?

We are seeing this same slowness on a FreeBSD 5.5 box. DA has been updated to the latest version.

System is not abnormaly busy.
Roughly 200meg of RAM free, disks are essentially idle.

We bumped the DirectAdmin timeout to 120 seconds which allows the request to occasionally complete, but we still see occasional timouts as well as long waits for response from the system.

The only clues I can find are that the disk activity and CPU utilization go through the roof when the FileManager link is clicked. All other activities on the system appear to behave normally.


You will also need to restart directadmin for the change to take effect.
I hate for this to be you first reply on the forum... So first welcome to the forum and DA.

Please dont reply to a 14 yo post. This person hasn't logged in since 2016.

Its also in a FreeBSD 6 which has been EOL since my kids were in high school.
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Hi Richard,
Thank you for the welcome.

I know the post is old. The reason I responded is because the information is still relevant in 2021.

I use cloud hosting with shared CPUs, and my websites have many GB of data. So when I used the file manager it was very slow loading. This solution helped me.

I know the path of directadmin.conf so I responded so the next person who has this question doesn’t have to search for it.