good with bsd and directadmin? contact me please!


New member
Nov 20, 2009
Hi there i am running freebsd 7.2 with DA installed all is working good for now but i would like to have someone to ask questions before i do something on my own someone with experience i am kinda new to bsd and as this server is going live soon and going to host websites i want to go true a few things about securety and other things. If we could talk on icq,msn or what ever aim you like and i dont looking for someone that can do the whole setup i just need someone that can guide me true it someone that can answer faster then support....

if u can do this for free or some kinda trade in services or something it would help as this is a home server hobby project and i am not that rich more poor :p i am not running any websites that making money but if you want money i can pay a smaler fee contact me and we can have a chat about how i pay you.

Basicly what i need help/guide with is:
*Firewalling and secureity mainly with apache/php/mysql/ftp (i dont want my server hacked from some RFI LFI or other auto scanning metods i dont know the name of them all :p)
*Directadmin how i can do this and that questions basic for some one with experience.

*help me setup backup tool/script (i never done this so i am virgin here...)
and some other questions that may popup in my head while we go on.

i do not want help HERE just msn,icq,skype and other aims sry for my bad English its good if u talk/write Swedish but English will do ;)

Please pm me how to contact you and if you do it free or if you want money how much u looking for per hr. (lowest winns the "job")