How to configure DNS ?


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Aug 27, 2010
Hi people!!

Well, i bought today a DirectAdmin License, i read the installation guide, but what i dont understand is regarding to DNS configuration.

First of all, should i mount a DNS Server with the primary and secundary DNS addresses? or i should use my ISP's DNS servers / IPs ??

And secondly, how do i configure the DNS ? i mean the and ????

im very noob as regarding to webhosting and i need help :D

btw, my server runs CENTOS 5 x86

thanks in advance!


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Mar 29, 2005
The primary place to set up and is at the registrar where you registered

You have to add and to the dns zone file on your server after you add through the normal way you would add a domain with DirectAdmin.


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Jun 16, 2003

You use two different types of nameservers for two different purposes.

First make sure your server is set up to use resolving nameservers (sometimes called cacheing nameservers):

List in your server's /etc/resolv.conf file at least two nameservers by IP#, which your server will use to look up domains not hosted by you (for example, when sending mail to some other server). While your /etc/resolv.conf file may contain other entries, only two lines similar to this one are required:
You can use the two nameservers in my example if you want; they are Google's public resolving nameservers. Lots of us use them.

Second you need at least two nameservers to publish authoritative DNS for domains you host.

You can do this with one physical server if you have at least two IP#s on your server, and in fact, this is the method DirectAdmin documents here (

But ideally each IP# should point to a completely different server, and if possible these servers should point to completely different networks. If you have multiple DirectAdmin servers, or make an arrangement with another host with one or more DirectAdmin servers, using the DirectAdmin Mult Server Setup link from your Admin control panel. Or you can set up a small VPS somewhere and use my Master2Slave DNS Replicator (search these forums for more information). Or you can purchase Slave DNS services from me or some other company which offers it.

Once you have your two IP#s (which may or may not be on your own server) for your authoritative nameservers, as they're called, you should enter them into your DirectAdmin reseller login as virtual nameservers, using a domain name you own and want to use for your nameservers (for example, and so when you add domains into DirectAdmin their DNS will automatically be setup to work with your DNS servers.

Remember to NOT use, but rather a domain name you've registered.

Then you should set up those nameservers at your registrar where your domain is registered. I can't tell you how to do that at your domain registrar, because each one does it differently. You'll need to register each nameserver name and it's corresponding IP#, exactly as you set it up on your DirectAdmin server.

Then, as long as domains hosted with you are set to use the nameservers you've registered, everything will just work.