I need to transfer DirectAdmin to new server TODAY. Will pay. Already half done.


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Feb 29, 2012
I have an old server with DirectAdmin CB2, and a new server with DirectAdmin CB2 (in different datacenters). I tried to set up the new server identically to the old server. I did a full Admin Backup of the old server and put them on the new server. I did a Admin Restore on the new server and all the user accounts and web files seem to have transferred but NONE of the MySQL databases.

I do not use Email on either server except Exim is configured on the old server to allow relay from my external mail server.

I do not run DNS on the old server... it's hosted elsewhere.

I need help getting the new server up and running ASAP (hopefully today 12/6/2015) and I'm willing to pay whatever you consider a reasonable fee (can pay via PayPal).

I can give the DirectAdmin Admin password and SSH Root access. I do not have physical access to either server, but they are dedicated servers running CentOS 6 (latest release).

Anyone willing to help PLEASE contact me ASAP at csimojoe at gmail dot com.

Someone familiar with CentOS and DirectAdmin could probably have this done since the data has already been transferred, but either way there's a fast connection between the two servers.

Please help, THANK YOU very much,