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Aug 24, 2014
Customer complaining IMAP is no longer working. I'm trying to replicate the problem in outlook 365 (Now outlook Microsoft 365) and have setup a test e-mail account. The thing is if i use my mailserver setttings

incoming: mail.domain.tld / port 143 / no encryption
outgoing: mail.domain.tld / port 587 / no encryption
proper password, outlook just sits there for a moment with the spinning circle (everything is being prepared), but eventually errors out with "

Something went wrong

No connection was made with the incoming (SMTP-)server. A time-out occurred for the connection.

Solve problems setting up your account <= link to
Then 3 options "not your address / change settings / solve problems"

The weird thing, in outlook an account entry on the left IS created with imap@domain.tld (with the options Mailbox In / Mailbox Out / Search folders) but the account does NOT get synched and when going to file > info > the imap account is not listed. Neither is it when clicking on a random account that IS listed > then account settings > account settings. No entry listed, but a datafile IS created in C:\users\<username>\AppData\local\Microsoft\Outlook\<mailbox>.ost

which is a different location than were my pop3 accounts are created (C:\users\<username>\Documents\Outlook-Files\<mailbox>.ost

If i change the imap settings for incoming to mail.domain.tld / 995 / SSL/TLS there's yet again another error (connection with incoming IMAP server is terminated)
If i change the imap settings for incoming to mail.domain.tld / 995 / STARTTLS same problem (connection terminated)
If i change the imap settings for incoming to mail.domain.tld / 995 / AUTOMATIC, same problem (connection terminated)

Reset the account details with different password gives yet another error (the outlook data file was not created. Please make sure the disc you're saving to isn't full or write protected and the file is not in use

I'm at a complete loss. I've got no idea on what the problem is.

server is using custombuild 2.0 and dovecot (so the imap entry in the FAQ i could find apparently doesn't apply)

checking firewall i see entries for IMAP using ports 143 / 993

find a different topic i see something about

service imap-login {
process_min_avail = 16
user: dovecot
though i have no idea what that means or why it could be a problem. Let alone fixing it

Lets encrypt certificate is assigned to mail.domain.tld, domain.tld and www.domain.tld

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Richard G

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Jul 6, 2008
First of all, try to get the defaults working which is with for incoming and outgoing mail. Least changes of odd things maybe due to custom changes (or not).

Server is using Custombuild and dovecot you say. Are you using the latest versions of:
1.) Exim
2.) Exim.conf and

If yes, the best way to search for causes is to find out if even there is an attempt to make a connection with your server. Mostly server logs are more clear about the cause of errors than email clients are.
So open tail both the exim mainlog and the exim rejectlog and try to make a connection, see what happens or see if any of them give an error notice.


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Aug 24, 2014
As far as i know yes, for both. There's no updates available according to the cb 2.0 plugin. As i said (if you read), i AM using the default domains for incoming and outgoing. POP3 works fine (including with ssl), IMAP doesn't. Out of pure luck, i stumbled upon a link i havent found before. Told me to do it the "oldschool" method.

Click on a random account > account settings > manage profiles, new frame "e-mailconfiguration" pops up. Click "new" > manual settting or extra servertypes > change from default "office 365" to "Pop or IMAP" > fill in data as needed. Worked on the first go.

Looks like a problem with that "smart" mail setup wizard.