Installatron plugin integration in evolution skin


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Dec 15, 2017

This is new since last update to 1.59.5, perhaps it is because of an installatron update, perhaps it is Directadmin.
The integration now is that it operates in an frame/iframe and because of that it is fairly unusable on the evolution theme with a lower screen resolution.

To give you an idea here's a screenshot of my screen.

I changed a settings in installatron to not show the featured applications and somehow.. that does not help much.
Installatron is still only in the bottom 2 cm of the screen, making it very hard to use.

Finally now found an option to maximize screen in Installatron, which helps a lot, but I did not need to add that "Maximize" button in earlier versions of DirectAdmin.
It doesn't simplify the UI.

I would rather collapse that "BIG BLUE BAR" there then.

Oh and for the record I cannot just increase my screen resolution, my eye sight is not compatible with higher screen resolutions.