Long time lurker. Just wanted to say thanks.


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Oct 11, 2019
The Netherlands
Hi and Hello

I have been an on and off user of DA.
I have never been a fan of forums due to a inability of communicating properly via the written word because of slight autism triads. Due to this I often look rude or uninterested/vague.

Anyways Recently i found my self setting up another hosting server. Now throughout the years i have always failed to make it good enough for production and ended up get a hosting package.
Being fed up i have decided to commit this time and the server despite some errr mishaps.. turned out nice. Thanks to the support and instructions of this forum and its members.

I like to thank:
SeLLeRoNe, zEitEr, smtalk
When googling problems etc. you guys always provided the answer or direction to go. The only times when you where wrong is when time has cought up with the post :cool:

In the end I like to address any relatives or friends of the Departed Jeff Lasman aka "nobaloney"
I have never had the pleasure of knowing mr nobaloney but after searching the forums for 100th time I feel like I do. I wish i could thank him personally. Instead i like to point out that he is still answering questions/problems in 2019. Maybe the information is not correct anymore (mind you many of it is), but the extend he explained it provided enough base to continue troubleshooting, And that's one hell of a legacy.

Thats it,