Looking for extra customization


New member
Jul 30, 2019

I have a few questions about new skin.

1. How can I block access to modify menu for another admin so he cannot edit the skin - customize menus, but allow him to edit colors and logo.
2. Where I can find CMD_* list?
3. Where I can find full list of directadmin.conf values, the one in old helper page is outdates since it's missing some feautures like "security_questions".
4. How can I hide the option to print directadmin.conf values in backup/restore under admin level (boxes to tick)
5. Is it possible to edit html pages somehow? I wanted to use YT videos with instructions on how to manage certain options.

I hope this is not a problem me asking for other things, all of this is related to skin, because same with Security questions - I was able to remove html in older skins, but not in evo. CMD_LICENSE also came out handy to block this page for other admins.