occasional server admin Command line with knowledge of centos kvm, Command line


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Apr 22, 2006
Miami Beach
I am looking for someone that has a lot on knowledge of DA, Centos and kvm virtualization.
I need someone that does not rely on control panels or GUIs to navigate these technologies.
I have a moderate level of knowledge, so when I do contact you, be sure it is probably not just something basic.
I have a relationship with a few server admins on this forum, however, their availability is sometimes not in keeping with my servers desire to act up!
Not looking for 24/7 but I am located in the USA, so daylight time here is usually when I need help.
things I have encountered recently
- corrupted qcow2
- network issues
- corrupted Apache with important client files on server

I am also looking to improve back up and possibly set up redundancy which I would need help with.

Ask any question and send me your hourly rates as I am looking at a per incident agreement