Panel stopped rendering DA logo and button images - they show as broken img links


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Dec 13, 2011
This is on a CentOS 6 server currently running DA v1.59.4. It's been running for years with periodic release updates. The strange thing is that nothing had been changed since the last update but when I logged into the panel yesterday all of the mentioned graphics were broken on the enhanced and default skins. This is happening via Google Chrome (the same browser and machine I always use). The graphics render correctly with Firefox on the same computer. But something has clearly changed with the configuration somewhere and I'd like to learn what that is. I have another CentOS server running DA (currently v1.52.1) and it renders the graphics fine with those two skins on the same machine and ISP connection. By the way, clearing browser cache, session cookies, etc. makes no difference on the effected server/browser.

I did rebuild spamd a couple weeks back but the panel graphics still rendered fine afterwards. And I'm unsure whether that could somehow affect panel graphics anyway. In the meantime I'm using the power user skin and it renders fine.

Years ago, I had a CentOS 4 server running DA and it suddenly did the same thing (broken panel graphics). I thus started using the power user skin on it for the same reason (a workaround). I was never able to sort the issue and I'm wondering whether it will be any different this time.

Below is a snippet of the console errors upon page load:

GET 502 (Network Error)
GET 502 (Network Error)
GET 502 (Network Error)
GET 502 (Network Error)
GET 502 (Network Error)
GET 502 (Network Error)
GET 502 (Network Error)
Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated.