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Oct 22, 2011

I want to buy directadmin, but I do not know how to make partition structure, I have 2 x 500 GB Hard disk.

I see what directadmin recommended
/boot 40 meg
swap 2 x memory
/tmp 1 Gig. Highly recommended to mount /tmp with noexec,nosuid in /etc/fstab
/ 6-10 Gig
/var 8-20 gig. Emails, logs and databases stored here on Redhat/CentOS/Fedora
/usr 5-12+ gig. DA data, source code, frontpage, mysql backups with custombuild option.
/home rest of drive. Roughly 80% for user data. Mount with nosuid in /etc/fstab if possible.
But I do not know how to deal partitions. please send me what is best configuration for me?
I want to install Centos 6.2

Thank you


NoBaloney Internet Svcs.
Jun 17, 2007
Depends on what you're going to do with 2 500GB drives. Are you going to use them for a RAID1 configuration, or use RAID0 or LVM to make a single one TB logical drive?

I'd use something like this on a one TB logical drive system:
/boot        500 MB (you don't need this much but unless you remember to keep it
                    cleaned out you'll eventually run out of space and won't be
                    able to do kernel updates anymore if you don't)

<swap>       twice memory up to 2G, else same size as memory

/tmp         2 GB   (you probably won't need this much if all
                    programs on the server are well-behaved)

/            3 GB   (I know the recommendation is for more but
                    I've never run out of space)

/var         15 GB  (this partition is no longer used for email; I've
                    never come close to running out of memory)

/usr         15 GB

/home        balance of drive space
You can certainly use the same with a RAID1 500GB partition, but you can probably get away with only ten GB each for /var and /usr, to give you more available space for /home, which is where all the site stuff and email is kept.

Note that this works for me but may not work for you.