Quirks on a galaxy s10+


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Jan 13, 2013
I wanna say the changes and improvements in the last couple of da releases has been amazing.

I really didn't like the earlier releases as much as I had grown to love 'enhanced'. So I am very accustomed to enhanced, even on a mobile phone.

That was until I noticed the thread about a web guide for rspamd.

Which I installed and got running just fine but i did notice that enhance didn't provide a link for me to the gui.

I saw the screenshot, which was from evolution of course, and flipped the switch to evolution and I've been using it ever since.

It hasn't been without some glitches though and it wouldn't be responsible of me if i didn't share.

Using chrome:
Certain times when I'm switching from domain to domain, it will lockup and force a hard refresh to get back going.

Hard refresh meaning, I had to go back up to the url bar and enter something before I could move on. I'm not 100% sure this isn't an isolated thing on my end but I don't have that problem anywhere else I frequent.

Also, viewing messages in the message center could use some responsive love. I can hit delete if I turn my phone to portrait though, so doable albeit clunky.

Looks like evolution has, for the first time, evolved beyond enhance for usability for admins and really really close for users.

I'm going to feel real lucky to have known a variety of killer early themes and look forward to when this release of evolution is perfected as I felt about enhance.

It's like, right there.. really really close.

Mad props2