Roundcube 1.3.10 released


Verified User
Nov 23, 2009
São Paulo - Brazil
his is a service release to update the stable version 1.3 of Roundcube Webmail.
It contains fixes to several bugs backported from the master branch including minor security fixes around CSS and HTML cleanup. See the complete changelog below.

Managesieve: Fix so "Create filter" option does not show up when Filters menu is disabled (#6723)
Enigma: Fix bug where revoked users/keys were not greyed out in key info
Enigma: Fix error message when trying to encrypt with a revoked key (#6607)
Enigma: Fix "decryption oracle" bug [CVE-2019-10740] (#6638)
Fix compatibility with kolab/net_ldap3 > 1.0.7 (#6785)
Fix bug where bmp images couldn't be displayed on some systems (#6728)
Fix bug in parsing vCard data using PHP 7.3 due to an invalid regexp (#6744)
Fix bug where bold/strong text was converted to upper-case on html-to-text conversion (6758)
Fix bug in rcube_utils::parse_hosts() where %t, %d, %z could return only tld (#6746)
Fix bug where Next/Prev button in mail view didn't work with multi-folder search result (#6793)
Fix bug where selection of columns on messages list wasn't working
Fix bug in converting multi-page Tiff images to Jpeg (#6824)
Fix wrong messages order after returning to a multi-folder search result (#6836)
Fix PHP 7.4 deprecation: implode() wrong parameter order (#6866)
Fix bug where it was possible to bypass the position:fixed CSS check in received messages (#6898)
Fix bug where some strict remote URIs in url() style were unintentionally blocked (#6899)
Fix bug where it was possible to bypass the CSS jail in HTML messages using :root pseudo-class (#6897)
Fix bug where it was possible to bypass href URI check with data:application/xhtml+xml URIs (#6896)