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Roundcube 1.4.3 has been released


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Feb 11, 2005
The Netherlands
Release announcement: https://roundcube.net/news/2020/02/19/update-1.4.3-released

  • Enigma: Fix so key list selection is reset when opening key creation form (#7154)
  • Enigma: Fix so using list checkbox selection does not load the key preview frame
  • Enigma: Fix generation of key pairs for identities with IDN domains (#7181)
  • Enigma: Display IDN domains of key users and identities in UTF8
  • Enigma: Fix bug where "Send unencrypted" button didn't work in Elastic skin (#7205)
  • Managesieve: Fix bug where it wasn't possible to save flag actions (#7188)
  • Markasjunk: Fix bug where marking as spam/ham didn't work on moving messages with drag-and-drop (#7137)
  • Password: Make chpass-wrapper.py Python 3 compatible (#7135)
  • Elastic: Fix disappearing sidebar in mail compose after clicking Mail button
  • Elastic: Fix incorrect aria-disabled attribute on Mail taskmenu button in mail compose
  • Elastic: Fix bug where it was possible to switch editor mode when 'htmleditor' was in 'dont_override' (#7143)
  • Elastic: Fix text selection in recipient inputs (#7129)
  • Elastic: Fix missing Close button in "more recipients" dialog
  • Elastic: Fix non-working folder subscription checkbox for newly added folders (#7174)
  • Fix regression where "Open in new window" action didn't work (#7155)
  • Fix PHP Warning: array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in subscriptions_option plugin (#7165)
  • Fix unexpected error message when mail refresh involves folder auto-unsubscribe (#6923)
  • Fix recipient duplicates in print-view when the recipient list has been expanded (#7169)
  • Fix bug where files in skins/ directory were listed on skins list (#7180)
  • Fix bug where message parts with no Content-Disposition header and no name were not listed on attachments list (#7117)
  • Fix display issues with mail subject that contains line-breaks (#7191)
  • Fix invalid Content-Transfer-Encoding on multipart messages - Mail_Mime fix (#7170)
  • Fix regression where using an absolute path to SQLite database file on Windows didn't work (#7196)
  • Fix using unix:///path/to/socket.file in memcached driver (#7210)