Rspamd released 1.9.3


Super Moderator
Apr 11, 2005
GMT +7.00
Rspamd released 1.9.3

* [Conf] Add IP_SCORE_FREEMAIL composite rule
* [Feature] Add cryptobox method to generate dkim keypairs
* [Feature] Add fast hashes to lua cryptobox hash
* [Feature] Add least passthrough results
* [Feature] Allow oversign if exists mode
* [Feature] Clickhouse: Modernise table initial schema
* [Feature] Implement IUF interface for specific fast hashes
* [Feature] Lua_util: Allow to obfuscate different fields
* [Feature] Tune memory management in Rspamd and Lua
* [Fix] Avoid buffer overflow when printing long lua strings
* [Fix] Change the default oversigning headers to a more sane list
* [Fix] Clickhouse: Do not store digest as it is not needed now
* [Fix] Clickhouse: Fix lots of storage issues
* [Fix] Clickhouse: Support custom actions
* [Fix] Deny URLs where hostname is bogus
* [Fix] Do not blacklist mail by SPF/DMARC for local/authed users
* [Fix] Fix DoS caused by bug in glib
* [Fix] Fix UCL parsing of the multiline strings
* [Fix] Fix buffer overflow when printing small floats
* [Fix] Fix init code for servers keypairs cache
* [Fix] Fix issue with urls with no tld (e.g. IP)
* [Fix] Fix memory in arc signing logic
* [Fix] Fix memory leak in language detector during reloads
* [Fix] Fix mixed case content type processing
* [Fix] Fix processing of the ip urls in file
* [Fix] Fix use after free
* [Fix] HTML: Fix `size` attribute processing
* [Fix] Hum, it seems that 99ff1c8 was not correct
* [Fix] Lua_task: Fix task:get_from method
* [Fix] Preserve fd when mapping file to scan
* [Fix] Re-use milter_headers settings when doing arc signing
* [Fix] Set dmarc force action as least action
* [Fix] Switch to GMT
* [Fix] allow PKCS7 signatures to be text/plain, too
* [Project] Add initial version of the vault management tool
* [Project] Add vault support for DKIM and ARC signing
* [Project] Implement keys rotation in the vault
* [Project] Improve dkim keys generation for vault
* [Project] Improve keys creation in rspamadm vault
* [Rework] Move lua_worker to a dedicated unit
* [WebUI] Add URL fragments (#) support
* [WebUI] Fix AJAX request URL

Already available as rpm package:

yum install rspamd