Setting Subdomain Post Migration


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Aug 13, 2019
Sorry, this is a bit long but trying to understand what is actually happening here.

Migrated one account from cPanel to DA which contained:
-- on PHP 7.3 on PHP 5.6
After restoration, DA did not recognize in the account or Domain Setup page, but the subdomain was resolving properly.
In order to use the PHP selector to set the PHP version for these individually, followed these steps:

1. Added subdomain in user panel "Domain Setup" under user account
2. This created the path /home/user/domains/
3. Actual path of resolving was /home/user/domains/
4. Deleted the domain in "Domain Setup"
5. This removed the /home/user/domains/ directory

Since the content was deleted, I restored the account from the cpmove file.

Upon restoration:

1. The domain showed for the restored account in the user area
2. The path /home/user/domains/ was preserved with standard new DA content inside
3. The resolved to /home/user/domains/

Since DirectAdmin deleted the /email doc root before, I tried to move it to a new account following this procedure.

This migrated the /home/user/domains/ to the new account.

Server was provisioned and updated to latest versions before migration.

1. What is happening here where adding the subdomain doesn't recognize the docroot set from virtual hosts, but deleting the subdomain deletes the docroot?
2. What is the preferred method for getting these subdomains recognized by DA post migration?
3. What is the preferred method for setting per directory/subdomain PHP versions under PHP-FPM ?

Thanks for the help.
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