Some suggestions for the new skin


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Jul 23, 2017
First of all.
I really like how the new skin looks and caanot wait to make my clients happy with a new look and feel.
When i click around alott of pages it looks alott better and fresher.

I noticed some things tgat could still be better (in my opinion) and i hope you will take these comments serously.
I may add more later, but for now i mainly i see some troubles in the future with the file manager / editor.

1. File manager.
Whenever i browse in the file manager(in not fullscreen mode) i see a couple of things that are not very nice to work with.
For instance: I have only 2 files in a folder but still i have to scroll down to see the buttons new folder, create file, upload file.
This is very annoying.
I think it would be better if the page would be adjusted to the amount of files that are in the folder...or have these buttons in the top.

2. File editor.
This file editor is worse then the old one.
For instance: Open a file and press f5. Gone is the editor.
For me it would be best if the file opens in new page, like it is now with enhanced theme.
You can easily open these files with typing an url or send this url to someone who should open it...this is impossible with popup.
If you decide to keep the popup then make sure it remembers what you typed in it before saving.

3. More File editor.
I really miss line numbers in enhanced theme. Please....please! Add these to the new skin.
When fixing things for clients or mysellf i have to copy the code to an editor on my pc, just to see line numbers so i can edit the file. After editing copy everything back and save.
It would be a good thing if this would not be needed anymore.

I am looking forward to your response but also opinions of other users on this.