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Jun 9, 2003
Its been brought up before and nothing has been done / mentioned since so i thought i would bring it back up :)

Over the last few weeks especially, a few topics have been created and to me, appear to be in the wrong location, others totally unrelated to DA itself, I most definitely think the forums need at minimum an extra few main sections although I think a slightly different setup would be afr better, looking through some of the topics i have come up with the below structure of forum that i think would help organise things here in a far better way.

Official DirectAdmin Announcements
Main version updates, important news and further OS support by DirectAdmin will be posted here.

DirectAdmin Questions & Answers
General DirectAdmin discussion, this are is not for techical issues nor server administration issues.

Systems Discussion
Discuss system related information here, system problems not related to DirectAdmin may also be posted here.

Technical Information
DirectAdmin Installation
Post any problems you have installing DirectAdmin here.

How do i...? [Admin]
Post here regarding technical problems at the Admin level.

How do i...? [Reseller]
Post here regarding technical problems at the Reseller level.

How do i...? [End User]
Post here regarding technical problems at the User level.

DirectAdmin Troubleshooting
If you are having general problems with DirectAdmin not related to any specific level post here.

How-To Guides
How-To guides suitable for use with DirectAdmin

3rd Party Software & Customization
Discuss the integration of 3rd party software with DirectAdmin, aswell as programming software for DirectAdmin.

Custom Layouts & Appearance Modifications
Anything to do with customizing DirectAdmin's appearance may be posted here.

Sales Information
Pricing, Billing, & Licensing
Post here if you need clarificiation on our pricing plans, billing methods, or licensing system.

Bulk/Internal Purchasing Questions
Post here if you have questions related to the internal license structure, this includes becoming a Partner and purchasing internal licenses.

DirectAdmin Beta Testing
Currently no beta testing is taking place

Other Information & Related Links
Customer Feedback
DirectAdmin customers may post any feedback here.

DirectAdmin Shared Hosting Providers
Web Hosts who provide shared DirectAdmin web hosting may post a link here.

DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting Providers
Web Hosts who provide DirectAdmin Reseller accounts may post a link here.

DirectAdmin Dedicated Hosting Providers
Web Hosts who provide DirectAdmin Dedicated servers may post a link here.

Mark / John If you wanted to do this and do not have the spare time, as I have said before I would be happy to help out with any part, be moving posts to correct sections or help out overall, either way I think DA would be better off sorting this sooner rather than later while its still quite clear here :)