SYSBK doesn't work because of NCFTP


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Oct 31, 2003
DA needs to upgrade to v3.2.4
3.2.4, 2010-04-07


Ncftpget and ncftpput can now read $HOME/.ncftp/bookmarks and take a bookmark name in place of a hostname. If the hostname specified is not fully qualified (i.e. does not contain a period), then bookmarks will be queried; if no bookmarks match, then a local hostname is assumed. Bookmarks are also queried for the config file option, -f, when the file specified by -f does not exist.

Compatibility fixes for FreeBSD 8.

Support for local validation of DNSSEC when combined with libraries available from the DNSSEC Tools project (Thanks, Robert Story).

Microsoft disabled recursive directory listings altogether when fixing KB975254 (Thanks, Andrew Coggeshall). When entire directories are downloaded, instead of using "LIST -R" for one efficient listing of all files, the directories are manually traversed with one directory listing for each subdirectory. This will improve reliability of recursive downloads, except for the case when their are circular symbolic links (which is why "LIST -R" had been favored, which the server can easily handle).

Compatibility fixes for Mac OS X for building from source code (Thanks, Mathieu Rene)