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Feb 27, 2003

This forum is to be used for 3rd party language pack releases for the Enhanced skin. By default, only the English language pack is included, so for anyone who translates this into their own language and wishes to contribute it to the community, this would be the place to do so.

This is the guide to create a translated language pack:

When releasing a new language, please follow these basic guidelines:
  1. Include the language you're releasing in your thread title, eg: "English language pack for Enhanced skin".
  2. Include the version of DA your language pack was created for in your message. This can be updated later as you update your language pack.
  3. When creating the pack, please distribute it as a tar.gz file and include the DA version in the name. A sample creation of the "en" pack would be:
    cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/ehanced/lang
    tar cvzf en-1.36.2.tar.gz en
  4. The tar.gz created must not be more than 80kb if you plan on uploading it to the forum. Any larger and you'll need to host it elsewhere (which you're welcome to do either way).
  5. The forum does allow deleting/adding new attachments in the thread, so you are encouraged to manage the tar.gz file from your initial post.
  6. You are welcome to charge for a translation, however, due to the moderately low effort involved in creating one (assuming you know the language), don't be upset if someone else releases a free version of the same thing.
  7. If you are no longer able to update a language pack, please indicate so in your thread, and someone else can take over. (a new thread can be started, with a link to it from the end of the old one)
  8. Translated images can be used based on language, right within the language folder (eg: lang/en/images/*). See this new feature for per-language files_custom.conf files for 1.37.0.

Likewise, to install any of these tar.gz files, save them to:

then type:
cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/ehanced/lang
tar xvzf en-1.36.2.tar.gz
chmod -R 755 en
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