tmp folder & php.ini issue


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Feb 5, 2010
Hi all,

I cannot upload images onto my wordpress account.. because it says

"Missing a temporary folder."

I've googled, and found that I need access to the php.ini file to allow me to create a "tmp" folder in the root dir, so that it will allow uploads.

I'm not too sure who my hosting is with, as I've not had contact with them for over 4 years, but miraculously my website is still online..

I have access to DirectAdmin and myPHP menus..

Does any one have any tricks I can try?

Check this thread for more info-


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Jun 16, 2003
The bad news is we have no idea how to help you; you really need to discuss this with your hosting company.

You may be able try an .htaccess file in your wordpress directory with the proper override command, but whether or not it works will depend on the way your hosting company has set up your site.

Can you contact your hosting company? Do you know who they are?

Do you have access to your DirectAdmin control panel, which can be found at ?

If so, and if you can't find your hosting company then maybe you need to move off them before your account disappears from the 'net. You can probably make a backup from the control panel and restore it at any other company hosting DirectAdmin. Just don't ask here who you should use; we're almost all in the business :).