Troubles with Service Monitor


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May 21, 2005

Have next kind of trouble:

Service Monitor somtimes shows all services are down but at same time all services is up.
Directadmin doesn't corectly detects services statuses and trys to put them up. Because of it I have many errors in messages log such as
can't bint to XXX port, port is already taken.

Also, somtimes MySQL goes down
I think it's because the DA trys to bring it up.

at tis time I've Turned monitoring OFF in /admin/*******

My Box is IBM x3250 Dual core, 2Gb Ram.

OS FreeBSD 5.4 cvsupped to 5.5..

PHP 5.2.0
Vendor ID GenuineIntel
Total Memory 2038.27 MB
Free Memory 443.051 MB
Total Swap Memory 2097152 kB
Free Swap Memory 2095812 kB
System Uptime 17 Days, 15 Hours and 2 Minutes
Apache 1.3.37 Running
DirectAdmin Running
Exim 4.67 Running
MySQL 5.0.45 Running
Named 9.3.1 Running
ProFTPd 1.3.0 Running
sshd Running
vm-Pop3d 1.1.6 Running

Can anybody say what's goving on?

DirectAdmin Support

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Feb 27, 2003

That can happen if you've got binaries for a different OS.
Go to:
Admin Level -> Licenses/Updates
and check to see which OS the binaries you have were compiled for.

If you've got freebsd 6 or 4, they both use a different process listing method, thus running them on a 5 install will return a blank result, thu DA will think everything is down.

Also check to see if you have a /proc partition, and if it contains data for each process.



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May 21, 2005
You are right

my instalation was compilled for FreeBSD 6.0 and i have installed it on 5.5

can I do something to correct this error without reinstalling server?
I know that Ican upgrade OS from 5.5 to RELENG_6, but is there any easyest way?
I have too much users on it this server...
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