Vanishing email question


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Apr 22, 2007
I have a question that is probably best answered on a Plesk forum, but their forum sucks and this one doesn't. :)

I currently manage 6 boxes, 2 Plesk and 4 DA. We have set up a mailing list program on one of the DA machines that is working fine, except that mail sent from it does not reach our own email addresses, which happen to reside on one of the Plesk boxes. I have checked spam filters, SPF and even white listed the domain on the Plesk machine, but the mail just seems to vanish. Not even bounced. Absolutely disappears. These machines are in the same NOC.

This is not the first time I have had trouble with mail sent from a DA server not getting to my email on the Plesk box.

Does anyone have any idea what would cause that? Is there some incompatibility between the two? I know this is a dumb question, but it is bugging the hell out of me.

Appreciate any insight.....
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Mar 29, 2005
Well I know its not DirectAdmin since DirectAdmin does not handle email. You need to check the exim email log on the servers running DirectAdmin and whatever the email log is for the Plesk servers. The logs will tell you what is happening.