WebGUI installation


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Aug 31, 2010
I need my vps with Debian SID / Squeeze, DirectAdmin & WebGUI.

The vps is being rebuilt and DirectAdmin will have to be installed. DirectAdmin requires a bare OS.

Debian 5 needs to be upgraded to SID /Squeeze because of WebGUI, at what point do I preform an upgrade? Before or after DirectAdmin?

WebGUI requires,
perl perl-modules perl-base perl-doc
perl imagemagick perlmagick libxml-atom-perl

at what point should I install the above (via apt-get) before or after I install DirectAdmin?

Thank you
If you really want to try this you should upgrade before installing DirectAdmin; that way you won't waste a lot of time installing DirectAdmin only to find it breaks when you upgrade.

Reading Debian's release information for Squeeze (debian.org) I can't see why you'd attempt to run webhosting on an OS in testing mode without any security updates, and reading the DirectAdmin installation requirements I don't see any assurances that DirectAdmin will even run on Squeeze.

As far as those other requirements: They should be added immediately before adding WebGUI, if not already installed by your OS Distribution install.