What type of Backup/Restore to do ?


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Oct 20, 2010

I have 2 Debian machines as follows :

1. Debian 5.0 - It was net-install but ran 'apt-get update' on it. My whole OS crashes with directadmin. We failed to find a fix. Maybe the OS is corrupted. This is the one I am currently using.

2. Debian 5.0.6
- This is the one I newly installed and didn't even run 'apt-get update' on it. So everything is default . I want to move everything from my old machine to this new one so nothing crashes and websites are online 24/7 .

I have assigned a temporary IP to the new machine and after everything has been moved, I will assign the old machine's IP to the new one. I have asked a temporary license for the new machine.


Now I just want to do this,

-> Copy all the Website Files and Databases.
-> Copy all DA Users, Resellers & Settings.

I can see 2 type of backups in DA:

1. Admin backup/restore
2. Full system backup.

Of course the Full system is the best but there's no restore for it and I suck at doing things manually. I'm a Linux noob. I just want to know if Admin backup/restore would do this job for me . If not, what should I do ?


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Feb 14, 2010
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Do a admin transfer backup of all your users. Then, change your local DNS settings to your server and one public ( for instance). This way, all lookups first go to your server and then to the public DNS server.

Now, you can check your own websites and see if the migration went smoothly. If all went well, you can change the DNS information for all the domains to point to the new server.

If you need a hand, please contact me. Just finished another migration from CentOS 3 to CentOS 5 this way.


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Jun 16, 2003
The Full System backup is recommended only if both servers were set up the same with the same OS distribution. I wouldn't want to use it unless absolutely necessary and unless you have sufficient system administration skills to copy only what needs to be copied.

The Admin Backup/Restore requires that you completely set up DirectAdmin on the new machine. It fully restores admin, resellers and users, but not any other settings.

If your first machine has crashed I don't see how you can even run either backup; I'm guessing you've left something out of your post.

Unless you figure out why apt-get update crashed your server, it's possible it'll happen again; I recommend you check to make sure you don't update the daemons and other programs managed by DirectAdmin. You can find the list somewhere in these forums as a list of which files to exclude from yum updates. The same files need to be excluded from apt-get updates.

Please do not double post; I've removed your other thread.