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My server seems to be blocking email... See below;

2019-09-05 09:25:20 H=( [IP] F=<SENDER> rejected RCPT <EMAILACCOUNT>: Email blocked by

How can I just deliver these and get SpamAssassin to deal with it? As its blocking an email I need, however its not getting far enough to be pipped into my SPAM folder?



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You can configure which Email Blacklists (RBL) to use in /etc/exim.conf:

RBL_DNS_LIST=\ : \ : \ : \
You generally want to leave RBL blocking enabled. If the sender IP is listed by, it has probably been (ab)used for sending out spam. It's up to the owner of the IP to fix the issue and delist his IP.

You can use the following files:

/etc/virtual/skip_rbl_hosts (hostname)
/etc/virtual/skip_rbl_hosts_ip (ip)
to leave RBL Blocking enabled and disable RBL checks on a specific sender.
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It's better not to change exim.conf as it can be overwritten on an update.
If you want to change RBL's you can better use the exim.strings.conf.custom for it.
We also removed spamhaus due to some issues we were having, because they also look for the dynamic ip's of the sender and can block based on that.
So it's better to use maybe.

We got a exim.strings.conf.custom containing this:
Code: : :
which as you can see takes care that is not used and you can leave the original exim.conf alone.

Be aware that when using barracudacentral you can use it like this, but officially you have to register there and put in your server ip using it. It's free.


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As i had the same problem with an remote email sender blocked by our RBLs, i checked what Richard tolds and didnt found /etc/virtual/skip_rbl_hosts
but instead found
/etc/virtual/skip_rbl_domains .. and ..

I came up with following questions:
a) is skip_rbl_hosts the same as skip_rbl_domains (was it just replaced by name) or do I miss the file
b) whats the right nomenclature to add domains to skip_rbl_domains (or skip_rbl_hosts) .. just "domainname.xy" , or with placeholder * before, as "*.domainname.xy"?
c) is there a way to just exclude one specific emailadress from RBL checks? (as it is on the other side with the whitelists)?

And to the whitelists .. whats the concrete difference between whitelist_from and whitelist_senders ?

Thank you