Building mod_wsgi for Apache 2.4.39 (Debian 8)


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Hello, I have a Debian 8 server with Apache 2.4.39 installed via Custombuild 2. A Django application requires python mod_wsgi, which depends on package apache2-dev to compile. The only Debian package available for apache2-dev matches Apache 2.4.*10* (even in -unstable the current package is only for 2.4.38). Building mod_wsgi against this package produces a non-working binary. I've tried downgrading Apache to 2.4.10 via Custombuild 2, which fails as Custombuild only appears to support major subversioning in options.conf(?)

Is it necessary to manually install the 2.4.10 package available here to downgrade, or should the mod_wsgi package be built in another environment with proper 2.4.39 dependencies? Help or suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance.