Is there demand for FreeBSD 9, 32-bit?

Would you use FreeBSD 9.x 32-bit if it were supported?

  • Yes, I would use the 32-bit option of FreeBSD 9.x

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • No, I use 64-bit hardware, I don't require the 32-bit binaries

    Votes: 11 73.3%

  • Total voters

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Most new hardware is all 64-bit compatible, so that's our main priority, but as FreeBSD 7 32-bit becomes EOL, there has been a few emails about support for 32-bit support for FreeBSD 9.x.

We're posting a poll to determine how much demand there is for FreeBSD 9 32-bit, and if there is enough, we can create a new build system for it.

The main reason we have not already added it is to give us more time for other work and features.
Supporting another OS reduced the amount of time we have for other tasks.



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Yes, we do need 32-bit support for FreeBSD, and since FreeBSD 7 is EOL, we need it for a newer version (8.x or 9.x). Offcourse all new hardware is 64-bit compatible and we will install FreeBSD 64-bit as much as possible, however, there are lots of servers in the world still running with 32-bit hardware that don't need to be replaced yet and running supported and safe software is a must have!

And...CentOS 6 32-bit and 64-bit is also why not FreeBSD?


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FYI: First servers upgraded from FreeBSD 7.x i386 to FreeBSD 9.2 i386. No problems so far. I'll keep you updated!


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I use 64-bit hardware, I don't require the 32-bit binaries. I have no problems with it. Why do you use the 32bit binaries?
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