pspell library for Centos + DirectAdmin


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On my site, I use a free forum software called "SMF". It's pretty sweet, cause it has a feature spell checker, most of my forum members can make use of, lol.

So, when I went to turn it on, it gave me the following help/warning:

Enable spell checking. You MUST have the pspell library installed on your server and your PHP configuration set up to use the pspell library. Your server DOES NOT appear to have this set up.
Im runing a 32-bit CentOS with latest DirectAdmin. Can someone kindly tell me how I can setup this "pspell library" and then configure php to use it?

Thanks in advance


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I'm not a centos user but guessing anyway;
1. Install pspell
# yum search pspell
# yum install pspell ??
2. Reconfigure & build php to recognise pspell
# ./configure --with-pspell=/usr/local/spelling && make install
If your using the custombuild script you will instead need to edit configure.php to include that line then ./build php