.Send Messages folder


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Noticed for one emailaccount that in /home/<user>/imap/<domain>/<account>/Maildir there are ".Sent Messages" and .Send folders for send emails. All other accounts have only .Send. Where is this ".Sent Messages" folder come from? Where is this used for?


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Are you using an imap client to read your email? If so it may have set up one or the other or both.



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Different IMAP clients use different naming conventions for a Sent folder. Apple's Mail.app on both Mac and IOS, and I think Outlook use "Sent Messages" by default for the Sent folder. Your clients are the ones that creates those folders.


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For this email account IMAP is used when accessing the email with Outlook. For all the other addresses POP is used, end here only .Send is available.

Ok, so by using IMAP the .Send Messages will be created.

When accessing the email account by webmail, does it show then the content of both .Sent and .Sent Messages?


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It depends on your preferences in a webmail. You should tick a folder on settings page to make it visible in folders list.