Warning: The system load average is 26.5


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I have a problem "The system load average is" i get this message few times.
Screenshot at Jan 10 06-09-06.png

after 5-20 minutes everything seem to be allright
Screenshot at Jan 10 06-27-59.png

I check log files and do not see anything (or i don't know where search )
How to check what charges cpu, ram?...

BTW i have got VPS
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Now everything seems to be alright.
I scanned ClamAV no infected files.

In the log files var/log/httpd/domains/ i found a lot of :

[allowmethods:error] [pid 29612] [client] AH01623: client method denied by server configuration: 'OPTIONS' to /home/admin/domains/...
[Thu Jan 10 10:40:32.144116 2019] [php7:warn] [pid 26892] [client] PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/admin/domains/..

How to Enable Brute Force manager in Directadmin with CSF/LFD?

Thank You for your help i'm very appreciate