503 Error on LiteSpeed Admin Panel (port 7080), using DirectAdmin


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Apr 29, 2024
my-server.com:7080 (the LiteSpeed Admin Control Panel) shows a 503 Service Unavailable error. I'm using DA, php 8.3. The error log file in /usr/local/lsws/admin/logs just says 503 error.

any idea of whats happening?

Yes, it plainly says the cause.
Seems some image from imgur.com is embedded which is not allowed by imgur.

So remove that image or use postimages or something for it.
Hi, the image just shows the 503.
What do you mean it plainly says the cause? I'm trying to figure out what's causing this 503 error so I can access the admin panel of litespeed.
What do you mean it plainly says the cause?
I ment by that, that this error was shown in the page of Firefox. But ofcourse I can be mistaken.
It says that imgur forbids to show this image embedded. So I thought this could be causing this 503.
Normally an image which can't be reached, gives a cross or something, thise one shows it's forbidden to display this image embedded.

However, could be also other causes too.

You say that log is just showing 503. 503 what? Only "error 503" or any other text behind it?
What does the domain log say? Maybe something more is to be found there.

It really can be a lot of things. The forbidden image (maybe causing php malfunction), memory shortage, disk shortage.
Hard to say so hopefully the domain log itself can give some more clue.