Auto-responder does not get (properly) DKIM signed


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Apr 24, 2023
Dear DA forum,

The auto-responder feature appears not to use DKIM signing, preventing emails from an auto-responder to be delivered to Gmail addresses:
/var/log/ 20 08:43:38 pmg01 relay2/smtp[2385966]: 096B61C26DB: to=<****>,[]:25, delay=3.7, delays=0.04/0/2.4/1.3, dsn=5.7.26, status=bounced (host[] said: 550-5.7.26 This mail has been blocked because the sender is unauthenticated. 550-5.7.26 Gmail requires all senders to authenticate with either SPF or DKIM. 550-5.7.26  550-5.7.26  Authentication results: 550-5.7.26  DKIM = did not pass 550-5.7.26  SPF [] with ip: [****] = did not pass 550-5.7.26  550-5.7.26  For instructions on setting up authentication, go to 550 5.7.26 p16-20020a17090adf9000b00297131a7502si5865761pjv.164 - gsmtp (in reply to end of DATA command))

I've already stumbled upon these 2 threads, but couldn't fix the issue with the information provided in them:

Does anyone know how to configure Exim so that an auto-responder gets DKIM signed?

Thanks in advance & kind regards
The solution is here, in case you have a seperate DNS zone for your hostname:
it's in that thread you linked to.

If you have it other ways or it doesn't work, there was a link in your second link, which provides exactly what you're asking for.
Setup a (SPF) record like this: <-- this has to be your full hostname e.g.
"v=spf1 ip4:YOURIPV4HERE ip6:YOURIPV6HERE ~all"
Normally yes. I hope it will be enough because here both SPF and DKIM are checked as you can see in the log line, so there is a chance that the SPF then passes by but it's still blocked because DKIM is false. ;)