Automatic email configuration / autodiscovery service


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Feb 19, 2016

As email configuration seems to be the #1 inquiry I receive from clients, I decided to build a scaled up version of the strategy mentioned here, but make it more generic and suitable to different configuration scenarios, and eliminate some of the email client support requests I receive on a daily basis. It seems to be working well enough to open it up to the DirectAdmin community.

The way it works is you will ensure the correct SRV and CNAME records are provided by the nameservers for the email domain, and my service will return configuration suitable for the email client requesting it. Although it isn't DirectAdmin specific, I run many instances of DirectAdmin and it's tuned specifically for this use case.

Provided without support, warranty or guarantee - please report any bugs in this thread.

Setup information available at the website, but please make note of the caveat mentioning the HOSTNAME token.