Backup - enable multicore gzip


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Dec 20, 2018
I am currently doing a migration to a new DA Server by making the admin backup via ftp to the new server.
I notice that each user gets packed with gzip but only by using 1 CPU.

This seems like a bottleneck that makes backup/restore take ages.

Why not make it use multicore or e.g. 50% of available cores?
Okay I noticed that one can install pigz (e.g. apt-get install pigz) and then set pigz=4 in directadmin.conf.
This should now use 4 cores whenever I create or restore backups?
Ah thanks, I did that.
I wonder why it is not set like that by default?
@zakazak because nowadays default zst format.
earlier pigz was compilled, then replaced by package from OS. Also some vps 1-4 cores may stuck if pigz will use few cores.
That is what @Zhenyapan already wrote. Default is zst format so zstd is enabled by default nowadays.

Only pigz is not enabled by default, because not everybody has multiple cores.
Oh okay, I misunderstood it then.

So zstd is enabled but multiple cores isn't.
How to enable multicore zstd then? :p
zstd must be compiled with multithread support, then it would automatically adjust the amount of threads, so far i have understood. Correct me if wrong. The big question is now - was it compiled with multithread support in DA?