Business licence per Server or only client/domain?


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Apr 14, 2024
Hey guys,

I'm just testing direct admin with a reseller account. Together with WiseCP it's my favorite solution at the moment. Works perfect and without any troubles until now.

But now my question:

If I order the 30Euro/month license, I'll have unlimited domain and clients. But in case of upcoming storage or other resources exceed on my first server, I will need a second server. What is then to do? Easily add the new servers credentials in direct admin 1 and manage the new server automatically (including packages) with server 1, or do I have to buy a second license and manage server 2 separately and independent from server 1?

Thanks, Kristian
in case of upcoming storage or other resources exceed on my first server
You could also choose to add more storage or RAM (if that is what you mean by resources) to your existing server.
A separete server only for storage usage does not need a seperate license, but will be a thing, because you would be using a network mount for example. This is why it's better than to add an extra disk to the existing server.

For every server or vps where you need Directadmin installed, then yes a separate license is required just as is the case with other professional panels.