Cloudflare API Console For Bulk Add Domains and Bulk Edit DNS Records


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Jan 4, 2009

Cloudflare API Console For Bulk Add Domains and Bulk Edit DNS Records

This software enable you to bulk add domain names into Cloudflare and update DNS Records via Cloudflare API under Windows platform.

Imagine that you have hundreds domain names parked at Cloudflare, you want to add TXT records into some of your domains for the purpose of domain ownership verification.

I assure you that you will not want to go through all the steps via the web interface, you need a powerful tool with GUI to help you get the job done.


  • Bulk Add / Delete Domains via Cloudflare API
  • Bulk Add, Modify and Delete DNS Records using Cloudflare API
  • Easy to use interface to Add / Delete DNS Records to all domains or to certain domains which meet certain conditions.
  • Bulk Add DNS Records using template [Advanced Mode]
  • Preview the changes and the API requests that will send to the Cloudflare server before it actual happened.
  • Option to save the Login details, all the settings file will be generated under the same folder of the program.
  • 100% Clean – No Spyware, No Adware.
  • One time fee, no subscription is required. Minor updates are always free.
  • Support Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and corresponding version of windows server.

Known Issue

Cloudflare have a API rate limit of 1200 requests for every 5 minutes. The software has implement a check for it and you will able to send 1100 requests per 5 minutes.

When you hit the API limit, the program will pause sending API requests. When the sent request(s) had passed its 5 minutes time-frame, the API limit quotas will be released, then the program will resume to send the remaining API requests.

Cloudflare API Limit View

Cloudflare also have a API rate limit on how many domains you can added into Cloudflare per hours. Our software has implement a rate-limit check to comply with the rate limit (Able to add 50 domains per 30 minutes).




How To Use Cloudflare API Console to Bulk Modify DNS Records [Guide]

1) Fill in the username and APIkey


2) Then, click the List All Domains Button.


3) Now, You have a chance to remove some of the domains from the lookup list that you are not intend to change.

It will be very useful when you have 1000+ domain and you just want to modify 20 of them. You may only want to load 20 of them into cache instead of loading all of them into cache.


4) Click Get All DNS Records to get all records listed in the lookup list.


5) After that, you can start to use below section to Add New DNS Records or delete DNS records.


Tips: Use @ instead of the full domain names when you are doing bulk add for different domains.

6) Advanced Mode

  1. Click Add New Or Open Template
  2. Fill in the “Add DNS Records into Top Panel” Section and click Add new records (Tips: Use @ instead of Domain Names)
  3. The Records are now showed up on top right panel.
  4. Now, you can choose add the DNS Records to All Domains or Select Domains from the bottom left.
  5. Then you can preview the pending add records via bottom right panel, if everything all right, click the green button to sync it back to main panel.

7) After you made all the changes, click the “Green Sync Back ” button to send the API requests to Cloudflare to make the changes.

If you found that you mess up somethings and don’t want to submit the changes, you can click “Get All DNS Records” to startover.


With this software, you can managed 1000+ domains DNS Records using Cloudflare with ease.​

Common Usage​

Change an existed A records to a new IP address​

  • Filter Out the IP address you want to change using filter builder [You can open it by clicking the edit filter button]

  • Highlight and Bulk Edit the IP address you want to change

  • Review the pending change (If your screen resolution is limited, you may want to slide the middle panel to minimize)
Cloudflare API Console - Review the pending change


Updated on 28 July 2021

Cloudflare API Console for Page Rules is included in Cloudflare API Console without extra charge

We already added the rule via the web interface and now we’re going to apply the same set of rules to another 500+ domains.

Click the Copy ‘This set of Page rule’

Cloudflare API Console - Bulk Add Page Rules By Copy

The page rules is now copied into left panel’s Add Page Rules section,

Then, fill in the Target URL,

Tips: Please make sure that using @ instead of full domain names.

Finally, click apply change

Cloudflare API Console - Bulk Add Page Rules By Copy 2

Now, 500+ page rules has been automatically generated in cache. The `@` is automatically replaced with full domains.

If everything looks good for you, click Sync back to Cloudflare to start to send the API requests and apply the change.

If you found that you mess up somethings and don’t want to submit the changes, you can click “Get All Page Rules” to startover.

Cloudflare API Console - Bulk Add Page Rules - Apply Change

With this software, you can managed 1000+ domains Page Rules using Cloudflare with ease.​

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Jan 4, 2009

Cloudflare API Console

Here are some new functions that have been added since last year, including
- Add Supports for Cloudflare API Token
- Ability to provide your own domain list in the lookup domain list, narrow down the result and speed up the process.
- Add DNS records to Cloudflare by import a CSV file
- Print / Export Cloudflare DNS Records to CSV file

Since the software now supports exporting DNS records into CSV and importing the CSV file back into Cloudflare API Console directly.
It means that the user can use the `edit filter` to narrow down the grid to only slow up some DNS records, then (right click the result list in the grid) to export records into CSV first before make the updates.
In case of the user want to revert it back with old DNS records, just delete the new one and import back the CSV file which contains the old DNS records.