Directadmin server support - 50% life time recurring offer


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Oct 24, 2010
Syslint Technologies is a well reputed premium level server administration company that provide 24x7 Server Management and webs hosting support since 2008. We are the only company that runs 100% RHCE certified / Microsoft certified admins with computer Engineering graduates. We are the first company that introduced the one time server stabilization program which helped our clients hosting business around the glob. Syslint currently offer support services to more than 8000+ individual clients and 20000+ servers in different countries.

Our team managers are having more than 8 years of Hands-on experience in the web hosting support field.Our Administrators are having more than 6 years of experience and they comprise our core team. Our techs have specialization in different areas like OpenX Management, reddit build and management, Mysql/PgSQL clustering, apache clusters, VPS, etc. We are updating our knowledge base by conducting seminars and technical talks. We are the one who have the specialization in support field. Our Techs are capable of your servers and application capacity planning . Read More..

This promotions is a 50% life time recurring offer !!!!

Promo code : WHT2014

This promotion is applicable to the following plans.

Hire your directadmin specialized engineer for you plan ( Outsourced Dedicated Admin Enterprise Plan) => Normal price 1400$ -> After offer 750$ - Order Now

Directadmin Server management Enterprise Plus plan => Normal price 60$ -> After offer 30$ - Order Now

Per Ticket Support Plan PTP08 (400 tickets per month) => Normal price 500$ -> After offer 250$ - Order Now

Weekend Help Desk Support Plans ( Enterprise Plus ) => Normal price 400$ -> After offer 200$ - Order Now

Semi dedicated Support team ( Enterprise Plus ) => Normal price 1500$ -> After offer 750$ - Order Now

If you have any more questions , please feel free to talk to our Sales representative via our live chat or skype id "SylintSkype" . You can also fill out this sales request form too. Our sales department works 24x7.


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Do you have a description of this plan: Directadmin Server management Enterprise Plus plan

...somewhere on your website? Link please.