DirectAdmin v1.641 has been released

The first one has been implemented in Plesk AFAIK.
A good idea if that can also be implemented here as well.

Yes, they have it as part of WP Toolkit, Would be good to see it introduced here!

It is already there,
When you logged in as user its literally 1 button to backup and restore you can even choose what to backup or restore
There's the backup feature, but it's not one click, and that why I put end-user usability in brackets, it's only goal is to make it easier for those not familiar with DA or a search button to do what they need to without making a ticket.

Even adding a backup button in the WordPress Manager and linking it there might be an idea, But something that'll let them make and restore backups from the wp-manager section would be a good addition in my eyes, Only have contents and db instead of everything else in the backup section and make it easy and quick.
it's main system User Backups, not in WP Manager.
Ah gotcha, That section works fine, The initial query was for the WordPress Manager feature

The list still looks good, Maybe the wording could be One-Click WordPress Backup/Restore to avoid anyone getting confused about the feature, Would just add a bit of simplicity for end-users and avoid backing up completely everything just for a WordPress site, Keen to see what comes of the WordPress Manager :D
how to disable Web Terminal completely, in case I already have web terminal from VPS Provider

I whilelist ssh access something like this for allow access with some IPs.
AllowUsers [email protected]

I don't need this future to enable in my Server.
It should have config to Enable/Disable for this future.
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It should have config to Enable/Disable for this future.
This is nothing from DA. SSH is from the OS itself.
You could remove all the "allowuser" settings in there if you want. And disable root login.

But be sure that the provider's web terminal does not need any SSH indeed.
Another (maybe better) option, is to just stop the SSH service from the and/or the OS.
systemctl stop ssh
systemctl disable ssh

this enought or not for disable Web Terminal.

DA Team could you confirm ?