Enabling access to private_html for new accounts

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Apr 6, 2013

I have just created a new domain account on the server.

I am in the Control Panel, in Dashboard for the account, within: Dashboard > Domain Management > Modify Domain

Previously, I was given the option to allow the account to enable access to private_html and use that as well as public_html (one for https and one for http requests). After a recent update of DirectAdmin, it seems that the option has disappeared, and all new accounts are forced to only use public_html. No option to remove symlink anymore.

How can I revert to users being allowed to access and use the private_html directory for https requests as before?

Thanks for responding. :)

When in File Manager, I can see that there is a black arrow on the private_html folder and hovering over it shows a link to public_html. However, I see no option to remove it within File Manager. Can you please be specific?
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For me, the 'remove' option wants to just delete the whole folder to trash, not remove the symlink.
idk, but DA offer this solution when customer want to use directory insteat of symlink, ( already have conversation in some threads).
You can try clicking REMOVE as I did, and it asks you to verify if you want the folder sent to trash. no mention of Symlink. Perhaps the recent DirectAdmin update has removed the feature. Being able to use private_html is essential to me, and part of the server.

Can someone from the DirectAdmin team explain why the option has disappeared from the Control Panel and explain how I should go about getting access back to private_html?
Thanks for the added information :) . I already found another way around it... I was able to revert to an older skin, changing the user account's skin from Evolution to Enhanced (older one). I was then able to click the radio button for "Use a directory named private_html" in domain settings. Once done, I change the skin back to Evolution.
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yeah, I don't know why DA completely remove UI from create page and edit page. If they think edit domain will loss some data, so just remove UI from edit page only, what's the purpose to remove UI from create page. it not harmful anything.
Hi mehranbeigi

Since yours is a different problem, I highly suggest you create a new post with the appropriate subject heading, and write the full steps you did before the error occurred. That way you have more chance of getting a solution to your problem.

yeah, I don't know why DA completely remove UI from create page
It's because it's not used anymore, it's ancient stuff and not used anymore, other panels don't even have a private_html anymore. Which is the reason I laughed to his statement about the idea to remove it, and now childish Roberto needed to put some laughs at a couple of my post to "get me back" because he couldn't stand it.
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