Getting Pro Pack with licence from hosting company


New member
Aug 9, 2019
I have seen that the way to get the Pro Pack with the old licenses is to purchase the extended support. I don't think I can purchase that since I don't own the license, and my hosting company has declined to do so. Is my only option to stop using their license and buy a retail one?

I tried to email [email protected] but have gone 2 weeks with no response...

DirectAdmin Sales

Staff member
Feb 27, 2003
If a provider refuses to offer it, then purchasing a retail license from us is the only solution. The upgrade process would be easy -- just use our script to activate the new key.

We realize this can be frustrating and we have already announced that we will be moving to a unified codebase where all new licenses have all features by default (no need for a separate "Pro Pack"). In the future, if a provider deploys a new license, you are guaranteed to have all the features. This will ensure problems like this become a thing of the past. :)